Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fun with Fingers

I was texting with JuJu late yesterday and I realized when her answer zoomed back that I must be the slowest texter in the history of mankind.  I have one of those phones that is a phone, it takes pictures (kinda) and I have a texting program has a regular keypad.  You know the one, you have to hit the number 2 three times to type a c.

This realization actually hit me last week when we were meeting at the Earth Wind and Fire concert.  JuJu sent me a message and than I had to answer it.  I always think I am going along fine, looking at the keys and not the message then bam, I read what I am about to send and realize it makes absolutely no sense!  Backspacing through the entire message 5 minutes later I send my reply which is unbelievably short.  Bam comes the reply.

It is time to get a new phone and Verizon is nice enough to give me a free one every two years (I suspect it is not just the goodness of their heart that they do this).  I enjoy the simple life and have been fighting getting one of those snazzy phones that do everything, after all I do not need to check my Facebook page from work but....I do want to be able to send a text back that makes sense in some normal amount of time.

I  may have advance technologically.

On another note Bear seems to be enjoying  being a City dog, at least he seems to like the walks.  He went out the doggy door yesterday (probably only because I was on the other side) but has not done it again since.  This morning he stood on the outside crying to be let back in, I am tempted to push him out the door and than back in  but don't want to traumatize the poor fellow.  He appears to have mastered the slippery steps and will actually go down in front of you.

I tried to make pizza the other night, that is definitely a recipe I will not be sharing here!!!!!  Can you say YUCK????

Well, enjoy the 4th if you are celebrating, if you are not Happy Wednesday!  Off to work I go!!


  1. Awww. I know how you feel. Both Steven and Taylor have iphones and they are super hip with their texting and photo posting. I still use my trusy blackberry, specifically for the keyboard!

    Here's the fruit pizza recipe:

    The crust is sugar cookies. I use the Pillsbury dough, flatten it out and cook it, basically as one big cookie. I think that's about 15 minutes?

    The "sauce" is cream cheese, a dash of vanilla and powdered sugar. I think I do about a 1/2 cup of powdered sugar per cream cheese bar. Usually, one bar is enough. I used 1 and 1/2 to cover up my broken cookie crust. :-)

    Then just put whatever fruit on there you like! Easy and perfect for summer!

  2. Oh, and I usually refrigerate overnight.

    1. So its too late to make it to serve at 6:30 tonight???? Will have to make this though!

  3. Hope you had a great 4th....
    and're not the slowest texter....

    that title goes to my need the entire afternoon to receive his text.

  4. I have a great and easy recipe for homemade pizza makes a nice, almost cracker-like crust. Then we just put on whatever we have in the fridge for the toppings...let me know if you'd like the crust recipe. It's from our favorite cookbook, Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. Not one thing we've (by "we" I generally mean "my husband") made from it has been a dud, and most have become favorites.