Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Is Today Wednesday?

Life here is getting closer to normal thank goodness.  The floors are done and the Internet is back up (the hookup box was removed with the molding in the office).  I have unpacked all the boxes I can that are in the house and the next move is to start bringing stuff back in from the shed.  My hope is to get the computer desk in tomorrow and get my slow pc hooked back up, my bookcase back in and the millions (not really) of cookbooks back on them.

I didn't realize until my computer time was limited how dependent I am on it.  Tonight I have chicken breasts to cook but until the hubby came home with his laptop I was with out a recipe, no cookbooks, no Internet.  I was absolutely lost!!!!  So for dinner we have boring roast chicken breast, gravy (you know me and gravy), mashed red potatoes and peas.  I think the nephew is wondering what all this talk from Michael is about, you know the my wife is the only skinny chef I trust talk.  Frankly the food the past week and a half has been pretty ordinary.  So maybe that's actually okay with the nephew.

On another note Michael finally found and identical match for his rim on Monday so we are back to both cars.  Another settling thing!!

This laptop is driving me crazy, I am apparently touching something on the keyboard that makes the screen bigger and than smaller.  I don't know what it is because I can't get it to change when I try.

Spencer seems to be getting comfortable here and now actually talks to me.  I think we wore him out this weekend since he has been more than content just hanging around the house the past two days. 

Until tomorrow and the pc is back, pictures can be posted and the screen doesn't keep changing on me as I type!!


  1. Oh, it sounds like things are better! I'm glad to hear it.
    Even the most simple meals taste better when someone else makes them and when they are made with love. I'm sure Spencer is enjoying it all!

  2. computers...sometimes I wish we went back to paper and pencil.