Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Booboo

Some people are good at sitting on the couch, I am not one of those folks.

Last night while cleaning up supper a glass went crashing to the tile floor breaking into many pieces both big and small.  I did not realize that one of the larger pieces had cut my leg and nicked a vein.  Didn't hurt (still doesn't) but it required an immediate trip to the Emergency Room at Roper St. Francis.  My wonderful husband who was a nurse before he gave that up for real estate jumped quickly into action and wrapped the wound, elevating it and me (I now have one less linen napkin) then calmly loaded all three of us in the car (the two of us and the nephew who refused to be left at home ). 

A lot of stitches later and the next day here I sit, one leg elevated remanded to the couch for the next couple of days.  Probably no shower (ewwww) and no hair washing.  I still have to call work and let them know they will need a new closer for the next two evenings.  I return to the hospital on Friday to have it checked out and get the stitches out some time next week.

So life continues around me and I am not allowed to do anything, no cooking, no cleaning, no laundry (I will see if I can sneak that in after the husband leaves for work) no haircut (my plan for this morning).

So if you are looking for me, I am on the couch catching up on all the judge shows and seeing how many men can be tested to find the father of that baby!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry about your booboo! But, I'm happy that it didn't hurt, and that you get to recover on the couch watching all sorts of crap tv!!

    Feel better soon, and be wary of those glasses!!

  2. You are talented, mommy lady. Then again, I got an enormous bruise from some small random plant, so... yeah. You get better, yes?

  3. Ouch! Just the idea hurts, glad its not physically painful. Kudos to your hubby for calm collected action. We'll be expecting lots of great blogging during your hopefully short convalescence. Heal quickly.

  4. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your accident. Crap TV: nature's healing balm. Who knew there were so many judge shows and so many "chat" shows and seaf-actualization shows (The Chew, The View, The Revolution, The Talk, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus [better living thru decorating]. I was amazed when I was sick and turned on the TV during the day. Soap operas have been replaced! Hope you're getting better!