Monday, July 2, 2012


So instead of going down the street we are in downtown Charleston, life is tough let me tell you.  First a little about Bear (who doesn't do change well), he doesn't like the wood stairs, they just do not lend themselves to running down.  There is also a doggy door which I thought he would just love NOT, he is terrified of the door.  I even brought treats into play but he will not go through the door unless I lift it up to let him out.

On to feeding the nephew.............

Its a task is all I can say, he eats just about anything  but you need to make a lot of it and he eats fast.   I forgot that my brothers ate so fast, I thinks its a way to make sure that you get seconds.

Michael went and ripped the carpet out of the bedroom today in order to attempt to speed things up a bit and get us back home sooner (the next renter moves into the place we are staying on Friday).  He did a great job with Spencers help but....there are odds and ends of linoleum tile on the floor, you guessed it, this is going to be a longer job than intially anticipated.

I think that may be it for today.  I am off work tomorrow so I think that Spence, Bear and I will be wandering around downtown.  No parking worries for the week (if you have ever tried to park in downtown Charleston you know what I am talking about).


  1. It sounds like you guys are having quite the adventure! I hope you get some fun down time while you are downtown!
    We might be that way later this week, as my brother is supposed to be coming to town.

    Give hugs to Bear for me! Poor little fella!

    1. I hope to get out and about this morning...Michael wanted to go to the beach but my bathing suit is back at the house in the dresser that I cannot get into.

      We have to leave here Thursday am...hopefully there is enough progress made that we can move back in.

  2. Oh, sweet Bear...dogs are such creatures of habit--it's so weird what little things will freak them out. Hope your life gets back to normal soon. As a Pisces, I personally have a really hard time with change or uproar! Happy Fourth of July!