Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Umbilical Cord

I am not sure which is tougher, sharing a house with a visitor or having the share the computer hookup.  The nephew and the husband have laptops, I operate off a very slow desktop that is in the extra bedroom (the one the nephew has taken over).  We are getting ready to go semi wireless but in the meantime we are all tethered to the Internet by the cable or maybe it should be called our umbilical cord.

I am a very early riser so sometimes I have the use of the Internet through the husbands laptop.  This is a short time and not usually without interruption.  It does not lend itself to the great creative endeavor also known as writing my blog.  Often the nephew has the umbilical cord hooked up to his laptop in the office and until this morning I was not brave enough to tip toe in and steal the cord.  I would sit at the laptop and play solitaire until Michael got up and borrowed back the cord.

Often when I get home in the afternoon the nephew is ensconced in the office/bedroom on the computer.  Not only do I not have the computer but I also lack any privacy to write down my deepest thoughts and recent recipes.

So at least you know why I haven't been posting much since the beginning of July.


  1. Oh man. I feel for you. I hope you are at least winning some games at Solitaire?

    How is your leg recovering? I personally think the injured party should have first right of refusal of the cord....

    Hang in there doll. We're here for your thoughts whenever you can share!

  2. Hope you are recovering quickly. I sometimes write my posts in wordpad, when the internet is not available and then just copy/paste them into the blogger interface. Works well, but you still need the blogger interface to add photographs.

  3. I am almost fully recovered! I never thought of writing my blogs and saving them, that is a wonderful idea! I use word to write my SEO articles that I sell, it gives me a word count and thank goodness checks my spelling and grammar for me. I think that might be the way to go once our house guest is gone and I get the full use of my computer back. Thanks Stephen!

  4. Oh, these computers...we're so tied to them...at least I am! I feel twitchy if I can't get on for some reason, even when we're traveling! Glad you're recovered!