Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Fox

We live in the country part of the city.  I know that makes absolutely no sense but there you have it!  The city of Charleston (like most of the low country) is surrounded by water and marsh.  When I first moved here I didn't fully understand the beauty of the marsh and what it contains.  The colors of the marsh change with the days and the seasons going from green to brown and sometimes both at the same time.  In the marsh live all types of wildlife from marine (oysters, shrimp and fish) to the type of fox pictured above.

Last week their was an eerie sound outside at about 7:30 pm.  It was a combination of a mating call and a cry of distress and it was outside our duplex.  Our next door neighbor was out with her flashlight and there it was in the darkness on the other side of our fence, the fox running all over the place making its call.  We had a fox under the storage shed a few years back and Michael suspected it had its kits under there.   If you went in to get something out would go the fox and it would run back towards the marsh only to return later. 

We have not heard the fox again until Bear (the great guardian of the household) woke us at 5:30 this morning carrying on.   Once we quieted him down, there it was, the eerie cry.  I had to think for a while whether to let him out or not (we do have a fenced yard) but he looked like he needed a potty break.  After he pee'd on the fence right by the house off he went on patrol only to return within seconds.  I do not know if he saw the fox and decided to return or got bored....he's not talking.  All is now quiet outside and Bear is asleep on his dog bed, his job done for now!

One humerous thing..while looking on line for pictures of grey foxes I kept getting pictures of Anderson Cooper...what's up with that?


  1. What a wonderful adventure and a great place to live, eh? I've seen one fox in my life and was so excited. They are beautiful!

    Kinda like Anderson Cooper.

  2. It's because Anderson Cooper is a "Silver Fox". Admit it, he's pretty, 'specially with the freaky early gray hair.

    In other news, I suspect Bear was scareded by the fox, and that's why he came back in. Him's a wimp.

  3. JuJu I agree that AC is very easy on the eyes. A friend literally ran into him downtown during the primary and said "what a nice guy"! You will have to make a trip down to the city to see our foxes. I have actually seen guite a few in our part.

    J...yes he is pretty! If only everyones grey hair looked as nice. As for Bear, I expected him to come right back in after he went to the bathroom this morning. I suspect the fox was more frighened of him then he was of the fox. He thinks he is a big brave hunting dog!

  4. JuJu I forgot...yes, this is a wonderful place to live!