Monday, January 23, 2012

I Was Inspired!

One good thing about January and working retail is we get more time off.  The bad part of that is I wind up using up vacation and sick time to keep the income level fairly steady.  Today I came home at 9 am.  Hours needed to be cut and I am expensive (and frankly I just didn't feel like being on today).  We had put away almost all last nights truck so...home I came.

I talked to a friend a few weeks ago and we were discussing getting our homes organized this year.  She has a list that she found on-line that simplifies the whole thing...basically the key is don't get over whelmed which is easy to say but not always easy to do.  I had started with the linen closet a few weeks ago and gaze lovingly at my work every time I go in I wanted to re-organize and clean the kitchen cabinets.  Each day I have been off since then, I have considered doing this lovely task.  To be honest I haven't cleaned them since I moved in here which I now realize will be 7 years in just a few weeks.  The whole thing just seemed to be too much more than I really felt like tackling.  Besides, who is going to notice?  The husband...I don't think so.  Than I read JuJu's post today at Just A Bunch Of Stuff about having things that need to be done and just not having the motivation to do them.  That was enough for me...

The kitchen in the middle of cleaning

I have never figured out why you need to make a mess to clean but...what the heck.  To reward ourselves Bear and I took a drive down to the Battery and went for an hour long sometimes fast, sometimes very slow walk. You have to love January down here, it was 66 degrees and no wind.  It is weather like this that reminds me just how nice it is to live down south and not in my native New York. He met some new friends and got petted so he was happy.  We than went to one of my favorite places downtown The Vegetable Bin.  Where else in town can you come home with two over flowing bags of fruits and veggies for $19?  I promise to bring my camera next time so you can see what I am talking about. 

So now here I sit at the computer with the windows open, a glass of Tisdale Merlot (4.99 a bottle).  The birds are making a ruckus outside (I think every bird in West Ashley is in the trees near the house calling to their mate) and I am rewarded with....

A Bear who is sleeping sort of but still growling at the birds for keeping him awake!


  1. So, I'm hoping I was a good influence and not a negative one. :-)

    I am jealous and inspired by your linen closet. In your honor, I will tackle that first.

  2. You were actually a great influence! I will have to take a picture of the linen closet to inspire you! Thanks!

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  4. So... I'm guessing there is a slightly fuzzy picture of Bear trying to sleep because as soon as you snapped it, he leaped up, sat down in front of you, and tipped his head just a little to the right.

  5. He gets up the second he hears the camera even if he is in a deep sleep. This camera has a delay between the click and actually taking the picture so it gives him plenty of time to move. Hence...the blurry picture.