Friday, January 20, 2012

Michaels Cast Iron Cookware

First a word from our sponser...
Bear and his beloved Squeaky Bone.  He never leaves home without it!

I am not the only one in the house that enjoys cooking.  Michael can rattle some pots and pans himself and came with his own pans (I think it was part of his dowry).  While I am a stainless steel kind of gal he on the other hand loves cast iron.  My previous marriage left me with a great fear of cast iron cookware and the proper cleaning technigue necessary for its care.  We had on old pan with the wood handle long gone that I believe I managed to destroy over our many years of marriage (at least what was left of it by the time we inherited it).  After that I stayed clear of Michael's pans as I did not want to ruin them too!  Over the years with patience and prodding, my beloved husband has taught me not to fear cast iron but instead embrace it.  I  now know the proper way to clean and season the pans after use and take great enjoyment in them.

I do believe he has pretty much a pan for every occassion from the smallest frying pan to a large dutch oven.  He even has a cornbread pan and one specifically for pancakes!

As you can see, I have not mastered the new camera yet...the old one had a feature that eliminated any fuzziness in the pictures due to the dog hitting me in the leg whilst attempting many shots.

The guilty party sitting nicely


  1. Hello, that is called, "artistic license!!" :-)

  2. Not sure if it is his or my artistic license!

  3. How did you get a picture of him *not* sitting nicely? I think the one at the top's the first unposed pic of him. Ever.