Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some Thoughts and Tonights Supper

There must be a certain amount of goof off time between arriving home from work and fixing supper so I read the head lines, check out facebook, check on my blog and every possible aspect attached to it and then..on to deciding what to make tonight.  I actually have been thinking about supper for many hours now.  My schedule at work doesn't always allow for time to eat (pay no attention to that comment if your work for my corporate office) so I am pretty much famished when I get home.  When you are the only manager in the building sitting down is close to impossible especially on a Saturday when everyone needs personal assistance.  I am all about customer service but some folks are just a bit much and need to be hand fed through their entire shopping experience.  I quess I must be hungry, I sound pretty grumpy which I actually don't feel.  I enjoy 99.9% of the customers who walk through the door.  Well so much for that self analysis!  Back to supper!

Many thoughts went through my head...I pretty much know what is in the freezer (alot) but what am I in the mood to make to the freezer I went and this is what greeted me.  I have a freezer packed with stuff.  I don't know whats in there!  It is a danger jone!  One wrong move and bam a broken toe due to a ill place frozen chicken!  So on the list of things to do next week is...straighten out the freezer and make a list of exactly what is in there! (The egg cartons on the top do not belong to me...I am afraid everything else is mine).

In the end we are having a squash casserole I am going to try out and then report to you on (I would do it tonight but my toolbar is still messed up and I don't feel like typing the entire recipe) and oven fried Talapia which is actually my own creation!  Of course the amounts are estimated and I usually only cook for two so...

Oven Fried Talapia

2 pcs Talapia
1/4 cup fat free milk
1/2 Italian breadcrumbs
a few shakes of Emriles seasoning
a little bit of olive oil

Pre heat oven to 350 (is there any other temperture?). Spray a baking dish with some non stick cooking spray.  Mix the breadcrumbs and seasoning in a dish.  Dry the fish place in the milk to moisten,  then gently cover with the breadcrumb mixture.  Place in baking dish and repeat.  Shake some olive oil on the fish and place in the oven.   Bake for about 20 minutes, I like to turn the broiler on for a few minutes to make crispy.  Serve and enjoy (I hope!).  I usually eat it with tartar sauce which is just mayonnaise and pickle relish.

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