Friday, January 13, 2012

I had the Computer Flu

It is amazing how we have gotten used to having a computer at our beck and call.  Two weeks ago yesterday I came down with a terrible computer virus (or as our friend who fixed it put it...a real good one) so I have been existing without internet access for that whole long entire time!  At first we were both twitching, after all you must have it!  Slowly we started doing different things with our time like reading books and talking more.  Probably the most difficult thing for me was that most of my recipes are in a file on the computer so I had to suffer terribly and go back to the good old cookbooks.  I think Michael was some what relieved to be saved from what I found on Epicurious that day!

On another note, my beloved husband bought me a new camera for Christmas so soon you will be bored to death of pictures of Bear (as soon as I figure out how to download the software off line).


  1. Love your blog! Can totally relate to the whole being 'unplugged' experience - I'm now leaving my laptop upstairs during the day so I can get more creating done in my studio without the distraction of constatnly checking email, seeing what is going on in FB world, etc! Amazing how production we can be without being 'connected' all the time!

  2. Oh man. I would probably end up on life support without my computer. I'm glad you're back in cyber world. And, I cant' wait to see the pix of Bear! Bring em on!