Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I haven't written much about cooking lately even though I have been certainly doing enough of it.  Life seems to get in the way sometimes and I promise to write soon about healthy eatting (the pork chops certainly did not qualify).

I wrote last week about my computer virus and let me tell you it is a headache to try to put everything back together again.  I promise to be more diligent in the future when dealing with the cd's they send with the equipment we buy.  For the past week I have been looking for the disc that is here somewhere and trying to download off the Internet the software for the printer, now for those that are truly computer literate that may be easy but for me...not so easy.  Why do the directions stop at a certain point?  Do they just assume I know?  Guess what, I don't!  Another biggy is do not, I REPEAT, do not loose your office disk because....its expensive!  The last is do not try to open sensitive financial documents you have saved to your computer with Notepad....there appears to be absolutely no way to unencrypt the information after you do that. If there is...please let me know!

On the up side of all this, I downloaded Office Suite by Oracle today for free.  It does everything that the other program did and best of IT'S FREE!!!!  The only thing it will not do is open the one document I need because I moved it into Notepad.


  1. You beat the system!! Well, sorta...

    I'm glad you got your things back in some kind of order!

  2. Open Office is made of magic. I love it. There are some add-ons you can use to open more files.

    What is the .xxx on the end of the file now?

  3. I think the husband might have even been impressed with the free program especially since it seems to have everything the other program has but it was freeeeeeeeeee!