Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Well it's Saturday so that means just one thing, I am off to work.  Being a retail manager means that when everyone else is out playing on the weekend, we work.  I actually work almost every Saturday and Sunday, that's just the way it is.  Today's exciting agenda includes setting up and managing a Grand Tasting event.  I really enjoy these events actually.  There is so much interaction with the customers and to me that's the best part of working retail.  In some states they actually get to do wine tastings which I suspect brings in quite a few folks.  We live in South Carolina though and unless your wine and beer sales are 50% of your total volume you cannot do wine tastings. Our customers prefer to buy very heavy furniture which is okay with me (unless they think they are loading that dining room table in the back of their Mini Cooper).  So for us, we do what's called a dry tasting, which really is just talking about the wines and they would pair with the food we are sampling. 

The joke in our store is that I am the store mom and catering service.  If there's food, I'm in charge.  I do the shopping, the prep work, the cooking and the serving.  Whether it's the food we serve the staff over the holidays or these tasting events, I'm your gal.  So that's my day.  If you live near a Cost Plus World Market, stop by your local store today, have some snacks and if you live in a wet state, taste some great wines for free and don't forget to say hello the the store mom!

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