Monday, August 8, 2011

I Am A Mad Scientist

Yesterday before going to work I did what we call here at our house "rotate the refrigerator".  I have trouble throwing things out and that includes the little bits and pieces of leftovers that I stash in the fridge for goodness knows what reason.  What started this yesterday though was Michael foraging in the fridge for something to eat.  I knew I had to do it but kept waiting for trash day as it is very hot here and food can really start to smell nasty when outside in the trash can for a period of time.  He opened on plastic container with some chicken in it and phew it was horrible. I apparently had missed a few weeks as there was even mold on the left over quinoa salad.

One of my sister in laws used to joke that we were having some kind of a competition to see what science experiment we could create in the fridge.  I think we usually tied especially when it came to what I used to call the vegetable rotter.  I think most everyone has experienced this one, into the veggie drawer you go only to find something that used to be a solid but is now an unidentifiable liquid. 

I have really tried over the last few years to not let anything go to waste, I buy less, cook smaller portions and freeze more.  It is painful for me to throw food in the trash.  I look it as tossing money in the garbage but it still happens.  Somewhere there must be a fine point that will allow me to throw out those little scraps rather than allowing them to turn into a multi colored science experiment gone really bad.

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