Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

If you have never lived along the coast you have never experienced the excitement of hurricane season.  As you know we live here in Charleston SC which is of course right on the Atlantic Ocean.  We have been lulled into submission the past few years by the wonderful lack of a major storm coming any where near us.  All that changed earlier this week when this gal Irene decided to show up.  Now, I have always said I preferred hurricanes to earthquakes because you know when they are coming but...truth be told, you don't know if they are or not!  So here we sit with our water, batteries, extra toilet paper and all those things you must have waiting to see where the storm goes.  Everyone has a path or an idea and they change by the hour.  Life can be rather unsettling.

There are a quite a few folks living in coastal South Carolina and if the storm decides to head in our direction we will need to evacuate.  Sure there will be those that insist on staying, some people just never learn to tempt nature.  So other than those foolhardy souls Michael, Bear, our youngest daughter, her boyfriend and I will load up in our car and join tens of thousands of folks trying to get off the coast by the one highway that leaves.  Sure there are small country roads out there but..they are normally full too.  The last time there was an evacuation they neglected to reverse the interstate so you had the entire Charleston Area and all the border islands on I 26 at the same time.  The normal 2 hour drive to Columbia took well over 12 hours.  It was a mess and they promise that will never happen again.

So here we sit...waiting and thinking of that song...should I stay or should I go... 


  1. Wish you and your family the best, Colleen and definitely, please go inland to high ground.

  2. It looks like the main part of the storm will miss us but instead hit parts of the North Carolina Barrier Islands.

  3. So I pushed it *way* too hard....