Friday, August 26, 2011

A Rainy Day

Well, thankfully the most of Irene we are going to see are Tropical Storm strength winds and rain.  For us that also means the backyard will probably flood at high tide.  For Bear that means no back yard once it starts to flood.  There is a tidal marsh next to and behind our home, it is absolutely beautiful but, its part of the yard.

Bear waiting for his bath
  About 2 years ago we had a major rainstorm which hit at the same time lunar high came.  We had Bear and the foster dog who's name we refuse to speak (a whole story on its own).  I was cooking in the kitchen and the dynamic duo were romping around the back yard having a grand old doggy playtime.  I would glance out once in a while to make sure they were okay but apparently I didn't check often enough to notice the tide quickly creeping into the yard.  The two of them had pretty much killed almost all the grass so all that was left in many part was this kind of marshy dirt.  Well, they noticed the water, but more they noticed the mud.  When I found them they were extremely happy and extremely muddy.  They had pluff mud from the tip of their tails to their noses.   Golden fur can hold a lot of mud!  Truth be told, as unhappy as I was having to give the two of them baths, I couldn't stop laughing.  They were so ridiculously thrilled with being wet and covered with is good if you are a golden.

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