Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!!!!!

Michael sent me a list of this months very exciting upcoming national holidays and I was stunned to discover how many of them had to do with food!

Today we celebrate....National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!!!!  These are simply Nyakers Gingersnaps (from Cost Plus World Market) and strawberry ice cream purchased last week at the great ice cream sale at Harris Teeter (5 quarts of premium, all natural ice cream for only a little over 10.00).   We will be enjoying these tonight after supper (or maybe before that)!


  1. How could *I* not know about National Ice Cream Sammich Day? That's, like, totally up there with International Talk Like a Pirate Day for most bestest day ever!

    Also, is that only a pint? It looks like one of those "just under" half gallon tubs... When I think Pint of Ice Cream, I picture the little tubs that my Vegan stuff comes in, or Haagen Daas. Still, gingersnaps and ice cream, yum. Gonna go grab a 3Q ice cream sammich now.

  2. It's actually 1.5 quarts. Just wait, there are some amazing food holidays this week!