Tuesday, May 15, 2012


There is an adorable black lab mix puppy a few doors down.  You may ask how I know or why this is interesting...let me tell you.

Artie's father says Artie's name at least 100 times a day.  Artie come, Artie stay, Artie no....you get the picture.

Sunday Artie decided to take himself for a stroll into the marsh....first his Mom came and called him in the Mom pleasant voice, come here Artie...for obvious reasons that did not work.  She was out there for a while calling Artie who did not pay a lick of attention to her.

A while later she called out the reinforcements and Artie's Dad came out to call him.  Artie was having a wonderful time in the marsh, you see here in Charleston we have what is called pluff mud which is basically decomposed marsh plants.  It is thick, black, smelly and doesn't wash off.  Artie had discovered the great joy of pluff mud.  When Artie finally had enough of his Dad calling him (during which time we heard Artie's name a lot) he returned to the yard, covered in pluff mud looking quite pleased with himself.


  1. And Bear looked on jealously?

  2. Oh, I bet Artie STUNK to high heaven! Whew!

    Regarding the wedding, sure! I can be reached at judi@bill-green.com

    Thanks for thinking of me!

  3. Ah, stinky stuff--a dog's best friend!

    1. We must live near the main Dog into the marsh entry point! Yesterday Michael had a choc lab and a puppy come out of the marsh while he was mowing the lawn. They were both soaking wet with great big happy smiles on their faces. They cruised through the yard and across the street to get petted by the man over there (who is not their owner) and then continued along on their merry way I assume home to where their owner may or may not be happy to see them all wet!