Friday, May 4, 2012

Thoughts for a Friday

It's Friday morning.  I woke up to a house still smelling like the Shrimp Wonton's (perhaps I should just make a batch for myself).  It has been a week since the IFH (the interview from hell) and I haven't heard anything.

The busy weekend started last night with a birthday party for a friend downtown in one of the gardens carefully hidden behind the houses.  These beautiful oasis are usually hidden behind tall walls and wrought iron fences.  The jasmine is blooming and the scent on the breeze was wonderful.  Good food, good friends and a bit of wine made the time very enjoyable! 

I love high heels, used to wear them to work everyday back in my department store days.  For my 30th birthday I treated myself to a pair of brown crocodile pumps.  They were stunningly expensive (at least for me in those days) and Rusty the dog fell in love with them.  Well, she fell in love with one so much she ate the toe out of it.  I held onto those shoes for years until one day out they went.  I tried to wear a pair of wedged sandals last night,  spent most of the evening barefoot.

Going to the Costco today to pick up a few things needed for all the rest of the weekend, how many snacks can I consume?

We need tomatoes so a trip to the Vegetable Bin is called for this morning!  Yes I do drive 20 minutes just to get tomatoes!

Monday is Michael's birthday!  I must get a card tomorrow, should it be funny or a lovey serious card?  Perhaps one of each!


Speaking of Michael, he put Miracle Gro on the plants last weekend and now the tomato plants are almost as tall as I am and the grape tomato plant must have 50 flowers on it.  I spied a ripening piece of fruit on the bush, we will have to share it!  Must learn how to focus the camera!

Will never ever ever buy seeds or plants at the Dollar Tree again, the flower seeds didn't grow and we are not sure that this is even basil.  It has looked the same for almost a month nw.

Bear woke up in his usually excited mood!  How do we learn this?  Everyday is gift and we need to be excited and happy to start each and every one!


  1. I have a great quote on my calendar today: "All of the animals except for man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it." I think Bear has figured that one out,eh?

    I am going to go to this Vegetable Bin and pick up some tomatoes. I am going to do it!!

    And, I totally love your basil. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday to Michael!!!
    I don't know what the "vegetable bin" is but I'm certain I would love it
    Your plants look great...and I love all the brick you have on your walls!!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed you'll hear something soon on the job - it's only 7:00 a.m. but I'd love to be eating Shrimp Wonton right now

  3. Absolutely dogs know what's what, don't they? How can they always be sooo excited to see us when we come home? It's marvelous.