Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Update

We'll we survived our busy weekend and only 10 days until we head up to New Jersey for Michael's family reunion.  We had a great time at all the events and ate alotttttttttt of food!  Today is the husbands birthday and I think we are going out to dinner, it's his birthday so it's his choice.  He said he wants big plump scallops so it sounds like we will be heading downtown.  More news on that when we get it!

Yesterday was our foyer group brunch and I had absolutely the best Frogmore Stew I have ever eaten in my life (this is only the second time I've had it).  Our host and hostess were gracious and the views from the back porch of their house were gorgeous, we got to see the tide working its way back in on the marsh.

I have a meeting with the District Manager tomorrow morning at 9 so he can give me feedback on my interview.  I'm thinking just call me and give me the bad news, maybe like a singing telegram! 

That's it from here, hope you are having a great Monday!


  1. Ohhhhhh, good luck tomorrow. I will be thinking of you. Good news or bad news, you're still our favorite!!

    I hope the scallops were delicious!

  2. ... So, how did the meeting go?