Friday, May 25, 2012

A Tomato Plant Update

Breaking news....
The tomato plants are now taller than I am!

They are almost as tall as my non smiling husband and he is 6' 1" tall.  He re-staked them for me on Monday as you can see, the cages just were not enough to hold them up!

The cherry tomato plant is full!

Up close and personal with the cherry tomatoes and slightly out of focus.

One of the slicing tomatoes, they still have a long way to go though.

Michael's Gardenia's, the wind kept blowing as I was trying to get a picture.  If only there was an aroma capability for the blog!


  1. I am loving on these tomatoes! I can't believe how tall they are. You must have a green thumb there missy.

    1. Shhhh....It's the Miracle Gro. I cannot grow a dern thing actually. can chime in any time now!

    2. Hey, Mom can grow stuff. She manages a fine rosemary bush. And dogs. You grow good dogs, Mom.

      Also, I suspect moving the tomatoes farther from the salt marsh is part of your success this year.

      Oh, and miracle gro.

  2. Wow!!!!! I just planted mine about 2 weeks ago...late, as usual! Although here in SoCal, they'll keep producing into December...

    1. We can plant a second time in August here sherri, since the weather is so mild!