Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Stuff

Please let me out so I can come back in and go back out and come back in.....

Vacation starts in 4 days 9 hours and 46 minutes, at least that's how long it is until we hop in the car and start on our happy way to southern New Jersey!  Bear will be on vacation at the Moonshadow Boarding Kennel, he's been there before and seems to have a great time.  I am feeling guilty about leaving him there, I don't know why, guess I'm afraid he will think we have abandoned him.  Truth is after Michael drops him off and he gets with some of the other dogs he will not even think about us!

The company I work for got bought this week by another retailer, that was exciting! 

Not my picture, think it was taken by someone by the name of Christine Mack. 

Last night we went to a fairly new restaurant on the Market called Tabulli.  Check out what the people you are going with are interested in eating before you try someplace new, nothing worse than going some where that has great but different food only to have one member of your party order a hamburger.  The restaurant was my choice and I felt bad that it wasn't really what interested them completely.  The food was awesome by the way with tons of vegetarian options on the menu and not the crazy downtown prices we were afraid of.

Saw the movie Poe also last night (the 9:50 show so you know how awake I was).  If you are into blood and guts this is the film for you.  I couldn't watch the man being cut in half by the pendulum and was tempted a few time to just get up and go sit in the lobby.

This coming Tuesday night is the Church Chicks so I am trying to plan what to bring.  I have to use up what is in the house so goodness only knows what I will wind up creating!

Picked and ate our first cherry tomatoes!  You are right JuJu, there is nothing as good as right off the vine!

One of Michaels listings in Downtown Charleston.  This can be yours for only $40,000.  I think it's pretty cool looking with all the vines growing all over it! 

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  1. Oh, I would love to buy that little house. I bet some serious stories took place in that!

    Was this the movie with John Cusack? We almost went to see it yesterday as well! It sounds like Steven would have enjoyed it! (we opted for The Artist instead, loved it!)

    The countdown to vacation is the best part. I love that anticipation! Happy Mother's Day!