Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Cannot Fall Asleep

Yes it is around 2 in the morning.  I cannot sleep, started to but then the fox started making all kind of noise outside and Bear went on full alert.  So here I sit having checked out what is on TV (we don't have cable and there are some really boring shows on PBS this time of the night), checked out the news on line, read Face book, saw some bad pictures of myself at last weekends Cinco De Mayo party and viola here I am.

I am not being recommended for the job, no surprises there! 

There are over 40 cherry tomatoes on the plant!

We have free tickets to see Magnolia Plantation later today (thank you Better Homes and Gardens magazine).

Most importantly and very late, I am so very proud of President Obama!  It takes a heck of a lot of nerve to come out in support of such a controversial issue as Gay Marriage in an election year.  I don't care how long it took, he said it and that's the important thing.  I hope someday that all people can share in the joys of marriage.  It was not too long ago in this country (and probably even a shorter time in this state) that Michael and I could not have been married.


  1. I sure hope you get some sleep tonight. I hate it when I'm wide awake in the middle of the night like that. And, I really hope that you get cable for these types of nights. :-)

    1. Cable keeps tempting me! I miss some of the channels and I know that Michael wishes we had ESPN. I must admit I miss the middle of the night colon cleaning commercial that is only on cable!